Could your email marketing techniques be ruining your yoga business?

There are times in our yoga business that we are so amazed by EVERYTHING we have accomplished and the lives that we have touched along the way.

Then …. there are those times that we are like REALLY???

As I’m building my yoga business (as yoga teachers, we all know that life is a journey and a process) I have some really frustrating times and I thought I would share it with you here.

I hope that you can learn from this MISTAKE I made and tweak your yoga business and hopefully see some progress with your yoga business email marketing numbers too.

Here we go ….

Why oh Why are potential clients viewing my landing pages for all my quality FREEBIES and then not signing up for email list?

I’ll tell you why, my friend.

Because of my choice to utilize “double opt-in”.

As you may know, I ran a law office for over 9 years before becoming a registered Yoga Teacher and have always grown up on the cautious side (even as a child).

So, unbeknownst to me, I’ve been checking the double opt-in box when I build my email lists, landing pages and automation emails.

Well, no longer will I be doing that!

I didn’t realize until I had my Mentor check it out, that it was repelling potential clients from signing up with me and/or just plain confusing them.

You may be asking what’s the big deal?

Well, let’s look at from a potential clients perspective.

They are SO EXCITED about what your offering that they WANT to sign-up & give you their email address.


But when they get on your landing page and start do this LOVELY process they are then asked to match a bunch of pictures to a description (ie. check all boxes that have cars on them, check all boxes that are a store front) then they are sent a confirmation email to double check that they want to be on this email list.


That’s a lot for someone to do to just grab your FREEBIE to learn more about you.

You may be asking what led me to contact my Mentor about this.

It’s because a few sweet potential clients have said they were having trouble sign-up for my offerings.  THEN I started analyzing my numbers.  I saw that my landing pages had hundreds of views but my email lists weren’t reflecting this at all.

I offered a challenge a few months back (along with a prize offering) and approximately 300 people viewed my landing page.

Guess how many signed up for a my FIRST free challenge?

10 people.


This is why I’m writing to you today to hopefully help you see that maybe that extra step of “double opt-in” is repelling your potential students.


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Have a beautiful day & Namaste,

Jen James
Celestial Yoga, LLC




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