Hi! I’m Jen James of Celestial Yoga, LLC

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher and wellness ambassador with more than 15 years of experience working with children and adults.

My yogic journey began in adulthood when I sought relief for various back and neck issues I had developed over the years. It was through regular practice that I enjoyed the many benefits that yoga offered not only my body – but my mind and soul.

My journey continued as I sought out Teacher Training and have since garnered extensive experience working with others who have suffered various health difficulties. Along this path, I’ve learned how to support true wellness for myself and others using safe, effective techniques in yoga.

As a strong believer in Gentle Yoga, I have a true passion for sharing this gift with others and strive to do so by continually adding to my extensive education and training through institutions accredited through the Yoga Alliance. I currently hold:

• Certified Health & Wellness Coach (2018)
• 500 hr. Certified Yoga Teacher Training (2017)
• Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training (2011)
• Beginner and Advanced Pilates Instructor Training (2009)
• 36 hr. Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (2005)
• 200 hr. Certified Yoga Teacher Training (2003)

I also frequently volunteer my time as a Guest Speaker and Demonstrator at many local community and senior homes, medical centers, and schools.

My educational influencers have been trained in Iyengar, Kripalu and Anusara Yoga. This has helped me develop my own unique blend of Hatha Yoga, also referred to as “Gentle Yoga”. In my approach, I emphasize alignment and breath, but do not push yoga philosophy. My style is a mix of positivity and general spirituality – not religion.

My Yoga Classes, Workshops and Private Yoga Sessions are offered at eZential Wellness Center in Branchburg PLUS ON-LINE.

I am Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Teachers and am now a Certified Health & Wellness Coach

We should all feel comfortable in our own bodies & enjoy the journey to Wellness …. More about Jen’s journey to Wellness

Let me tell you a little about myself and the struggles I’ve gone through so far.
My practice of yoga, meditation and loving kindness has saved my life.
I’ve been doing yoga since my early 20’s and have been a registered yoga teacher since 2004. I received my 500 hour certification in 2017 and then became a Health & Wellness Coach in 2018.

I’ve taught many people of all ages, sizes and abilities. I’ve OVERCOME many physical and mental struggles throughout my life. I’ve suffered through minor depression, eating disorders, several broken bones and surgeries … back, neck & shoulder issues. The list goes ON & ON ….

My personal journey is just one example that my program works. Through my practice, I’ve learned to balance my hormones, increase my mental clarity, tone my body, increase my strength and lose weight and inches. I am on a path to wellness and would like you to join me. We should all feel comfortable in our bodies & enjoy the journey to health & well being.

I want to share with you tricks & techniques I’ve learned along the way. Come join me on your own personal journey to wellness.


Jen James

Celestial Yoga, LLC

Here’s my gift to you:

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