Taking Your Business Online and the Business of Teaching Adaptive Yoga (5 Day FREE Challenge) with Jen James of Celestial Yoga, LLC

In this 5 Day Challenge I will give you daily actionable steps to implement so you can feel more confident in your Niche, Who YOU Want to Serve, learn more about yourself along the way PLUS list building strategies and yoga business tips & tricks.  You will also learn a few postures in different scenarios so you can feel more confident in teaching various ages, sizes and abilities to the HUGE MARKET of serving people ages 55 & up.

This is an INTERACTIVE Challenge.  I will be on Facebook LIVE every morning around 9:30-9:45am EST – starting MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH – don’t worry you’ll be able to watch it on the replay if you miss it.

What I ask of you is that you too come on to the group – POST, SHARE, COMMENT 2-3 times a day.  This benefits is for all – the more effort you put out there the more benefit you receive.

PLUS, there’s a $25 Amazon Gift Card as a bonus for one lucky winner – that could be you!  

Please share this with other yoga teacher friends – the more the merrier 🙂

Here’s a breakdown of what we will cover in the challenge:

A little bit about me and what led me to teaching Adaptive Yoga and Taking my yoga business online

Learn how to DEVELOP A NICHE, KNOW YOUR STORY AND WHO YOU WANT TO SERVE so you can run a sustainable intuitive business.

TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ON-LINE.  Start TODAY taking videos on what you know best about and feel comfortable teaching.

LIST BUILDING STRATEGIES  Whether your business is on-line and/or in person you need to build a list and build trust in this busy world.

ADAPTIVE YOGA  All bodies are good bodies and the baby boomers are a huge market right now & for many years to come.

SCHEDULE A FREE 20 MINUTE PHONE STRATEGY SESSION WITH ME – Ask Me questions about this CHALLENGE and know that we will dive into this MUCH DEEPER in the UPCOMING Program on Business of Teaching Adaptive Yoga & Taking Your Business On-line.

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I’m giving you a 5 Self-Care Challenge. Please accept it. 

Have a beautiful day & Namaste,

Love, Jen 😊

Celestial Yoga, LLC




5 Self Care Tips for Healthy Aging

Are you looking for ways to help you love yourself and make your life a happier and more peaceful one? I want to help you achieve the highest level of love with your inner self and become a more confident you by using some simple, easy techniques.

I will explain how meditation is vital for self-love, and a simple technique to help you meditate.

Then comes gratitude; I’ll talk about how important gratitude is to help you improve your life.

I want to challenge you to be the best person you can be – as we need this in the Modern world we live in.

We need to let go of emotional wounds. I want to show you how you can do that so you achieve a better and more peaceful life.

Here’s my 30 minute You Tube video:5 Self Care Tips for Healthy Aging

Have a beautiful day & Namaste,

Love, Jen 😊

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